From dream to dread

How the current IT transformation creates dissatisfied & inefficient users

From dream to dread

From dream to dread 1920 1080 Daniel Beckstein

More is not always better. In a fast-paced world full of disposable and throwaway mentality, it is no wonder that when considering IT transformation, the focus is on the perpetual integration of new solutions and less on the sustainable implementation of digital transformation. Caught in an endless loop of software to be integrated, the dream of the added value of digitization quickly becomes a trauma.

With great power comes great responsibility

In recent years, IT departments in particular and their relevance have undergone massive changes and are now responsible for leading the way in implementing the digital strategy. IT transformation a universally accepted necessity, the promises of digitalization are luring more and more companies to adapt their agendas.

This is accompanied by the digitization of processes and thus usually the introduction of new applications into the IT landscape, the modernization of applications and often also the switch to SaaS applications, which usually change on a vendor-initiated basis – and in ever shorter cycles.

So it’s no wonder that CIOs and co. have established themselves and are involved in more and more topics. It is therefore a familiar picture that IT is usually “at a standstill” and that help has to wait outside of project implementations.

Furthermore, there are no or hardly any capacities available for effective and efficient change management and many companies are desperately looking for technology-savvy employees for change management.

The alternative is to gladly leave the whole thing to the business departments.

Where it ends up lacking

It has therefore become common practice for IT to implement applications in line with the digital strategy and for the business departments to be tasked with bringing the introduced software to women and men – in other words, with training.

In the case of complex applications, training prior to introduction can make sense (e.g., SAP S4/HANA); however, this does not solve the acceptance and efficiency problem. This is because, in the meantime, the planned and executed trainings do not meet modern requirements. They are expensive to create and maintain. Create perishable stock knowledge. Never help when users urgently need help.

In the end, you are left with overwhelmed, dissatisfied, and ultimately inefficient users – and a completely overburdened help desk team.

Digital adoption: fast, sustainable, value-added

Whether at the beginning of the implementation of the digital strategy or in the middle of it. With Digital Adoption by AppNavi, meaningful change management can be realized exclusively or in addition to training – and, above all, sustainably.

Users always get exactly the help they need at that particular moment. Content can be easily created, managed, translated and rolled out in segments and is immediately available to users according to their role. The top priority here is simplicity for all roles and in all aspects. And speaking of which, another advantage: no developer skills are needed for creation – 1h training of authors is sufficient – i.e. IT takes care of implementation and the business department takes care of acceptance. Sounds familiar, but in combination with Digital Adoption without frustration, but with a sense of achievement for all involved.

Quintessence: With Digital Adoption by AppNavi you achieve more acceptance, efficiency and a higher customer satisfaction with simultaneously successfully implemented IT transformation. Win-Win for all.

Advantages of DIGITAL ADOPTION by AppNavi at a glance

We distinguish between quantitative and qualitative benefits when we talk about the implementation of Digital Adoption.


> Reduction of trainer costs (100%)
> Reduction of creation/maintenance costs for training materials
> Reduction in employee absenteeism due to training (90%)
> Relief of the helpdesk by 60%
> Increase of user efficiency by 30%


> Satisfied employees
> Avoidance of waiting times for answering submitted tickets
> More transparency about the need for help and thus more targeted provision of help

We even go so far as to provide and calculate indicative business cases for interested parties. You want to know which benefits can be implemented in your company and how you can turn IT transformation into a lived dream? Then feel free to contact us.


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