Fixing the collateral damage of digitization

How you can make digital strategies work and reap significant benefits from the digitalization hamster wheel.

Fixing the collateral damage of digitization

Fixing the collateral damage of digitization 1920 1080 Daniel Beckstein

Caught in the hamster wheel

Digitization continues to be on everyone’s lips. Even if it is taking a bumpy ride, especially in Germany, and has shown significant weaknesses on the part of the government, particularly during the pandemic (Wie Deutschland schon wieder die Digitalisierung verpennt, Süddeutsche Zeitung, Aug. 30, 2022). Companies invest millions in the implementation of software. That this is often not enough to simply provide tools to employees is shown by a survey that proves that almost every second employee is overburdened and is not actually relieved. The consequence: further expenditures in the millions flow into efforts to increase employee acceptance of the change (Wallstreet Online).

At the same time, these same employees (also fueled by the pandemic) are demanding new ways of thinking about work. New workers no longer want to work in traditional office and work-time models, but rather to be freer to shape the circumstances of earning a living.

Everyone is affected

It’s easy to see that the issue is not just rampant in HR, but affects many other areas of the company. IT has to implement the digital projects; Sales and Marketing have to earn the budget for them based on goods created by Production. While Finance tries to manage all the data streams. The future is fast-paced, but structures usually are not. There is a gap between the vision of a digital, connected and accelerated future and the results that need to be achieved and the requirements of the employees.

Yet there are already proven ways and means not only to make digital strategies a success; even more so to achieve significant benefits from the implemented measures: Digital Adoption.

For this reason, we at AppNavi have developed a model to calculate an indicative business case to show you the significant savings potential of Digital Adoption throughout the organization.

The indicative business case

Based on five different KPIs in nine different department groups, we can quickly calculate the savings potentials that lie dormant in your organization if you rely on Digital Adoption by AppNavi.
You will be surprised. Request now!

More than just a band-aid

When it comes to digital transformation, people like to focus on the benefits without considering the damage done. In this case, more is simply not better. Quite the opposite, in fact. Figuratively speaking, we are talking about an injury in an attempt to achieve great things. And a sparsely implemented digital strategy is an injury within the organization.

Companies are currently only focusing on the symptoms and not on remedying the actual causes at the core. They simply introduce more applications in the hope of circumventing the other problems. In the process, the users increasingly fall by the wayside. The hamster wheel begins to turn.

Because internal injuries are massive and in most cases can’t be fixed with just a band-aid or the “will be fine” method. With such injuries, there is usually no way around surgery. This is where professionals are needed.

Digital Adoption starts exactly there, at the root of the problem, operates the digital transformation at the “open heart”, so to speak, and supports all departments across industries where it matters. It supports users in all introduced and yet to be introduced applications, by enabling them to use them immediately, correctly and fully. Win-win for users and change management.

New Webinar Series

“Fixing the Collateral Damage of Digitization” is also the title of our new webinar series. Once a month we will talk about the topics indicated here in the article, the indicative business case and how to make your digital strategy a success with Digital Adoption. Feel free to bring your questions as well, we’ll be happy to answer them. Register now for free!

You want digitalization to be more than just a pipe dream in your company and want to benefit from it through Digital Adoption? Then get in touch with us, we look forward to hearing from you.


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