AppNavi now with Learning Center

AppNavi now with Learning Center

AppNavi now with Learning Center 2560 1707 Carsten Neumann

AppNavi Learning Center – before, during and after the SW rollout


Learn software at any time – 24 hours a day, 365 days a year

There are different ways to support employees in the use of software. AppNavi is the digital adoption platform that supports users by providing routes, hotspots, news and announcements in the live system. OnDemand, i.e. exactly when the user needs the relevant information.

In addition, it can be useful to supplement the OnDemand support with further training measures, e.g. when particularly complex processes are involved. AppNavi provides the Learning Center for this purpose. Users can get to know the software independently of time and day. Since the content refers to a training system, productive data remains completely unaffected. In addition, the content only has to be created once: a route created works in the training system just as well as in the production system.





Always keep the overview

Routes are simply bundled into learning collections. The user immediately sees the number of collections, the number of routes per collection and the number of routes he has already gone through. Thus the user always has maximum transparency about his learning progress. And if the user wants to do a route again: no problem. The routes are available for any length of time – as long as they have not been scheduled. If users share a PC, or if a user uses different PCs, he or she still retains the overview of the learning progress. The status information is then “hashed” and the user remains anonymous.

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