AppNavi leverages the potential of software

AppNavi leverages the potential of software

AppNavi leverages the potential of software 2560 976 Carsten Neumann

We work in a dematerialized world

In our working world, there are fewer and fewer things and places. The typical workplace consists of a laptop, a cup of coffee and software. People work where they feel comfortable: at home, on the train or at the beach.

Why is this possible? Quite simply, we are digital. No one has to drive to the office to get a file out of the cabinet anymore. Instead of paper, data now flows through the hands of your employees.

This isn’t just great for your employees. For your company, this offers extreme potential. Your employees can help and represent each other. Information is exchanged in moments. Travel becomes unnecessary. The setup time for a new task is a few minutes: As soon as the authorization for Salesforce is there, the work can begin. Theoretically…

Software creates infrastructure. No result.

Well, unfortunately it’s not quite that simple 😉 The above points are correct: But unfortunately only in theory, because with a digitized economy alone you have achieved nothing for now. New IT programs create infrastructure, but not results. Only when employees are able to use this software do the promised benefits arise.

With the ever new possibilities for your employees, the complexity also increases. By using modern software and portals, anyone can “beam” to any place in the digital organization in the blink of an eye. Masses of processes can be started and processed at countless digital “locations”. However, this only works if employees know how to do it.

We leverage the potential of digitized companies

AppNavi provides the “maps” for this digitized world. We show employees where which process starts and how to go through it. Along the way, we display additional information and provide the necessary context. This makes it easy to learn any software and use it correctly right away.

With AppNavi we leverage the potential in your software!

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