10 good reasons to use the browser extension

AppNavi offers several integration options, one of which is the browser extension.

10 good reasons to use the browser extension

10 good reasons to use the browser extension 1920 1080 Daniel Beckstein

AppNavi offers two different forms of integration for the digital adoption platform of the same name. On the one hand, integration via code directly in the application and, on the other hand, via a browser extension. The latter in particular offers additional advantages compared to direct integration. We will present these advantages today:

1. Easier rollout

Making the Digital Adoption solution available via extension is extremely easy. The IT department can roll out the browser extension by policy across the entire organization. This is achieved with just a few clicks and does not even require any prior technical knowledge.

2. Central management by IT

IT has the opportunity to manage Digital Adoption across the entire company from a single point. No annoying administration and updating of different applications. The browser extension makes it possible.

3. Once in, works everywhere

The extension is anchored in the browser, and therefore one “level up” from being directly in an app’s code, therefore AppNavi can be used immediately in any app you want. Just add it to the backend and off you go. And there’s even more!

4. Cross-system benefit

Because the extension is operated separately from individual applications (see point 3), the benefits of the Digital Adoption solution can be used across systems and applications without having to equip each individual software with AppNavi. This means that routes work across application boundaries and user behavior mining can also track the user flow more comprehensively.

5. Reduction of network traffic

Required data packets are stored on the client or on the device via the browser extension, so they do not have to be retrieved again for each application. This minimizes or eliminates unnecessary data transfer.

6. Highest standards of data protection

Regardless of whether direct integration via code or as a Chrome extension: In both cases, AppNavi acts strictly in accordance with current data protection guidelines and supports users completely anonymously. In addition, system- or company-critical information is already made unrecognizable in advance for further processing.

7. Double verification

In the first instance, we at AppNavi extensively check the stability and compatibility the updates of the platform through various testing procedures. By making the extension available through the Google Web Store, Google verifies the changes again. Thus, the extension experiences a double testing procedure.

8. Automatic updates

What to say about this? The extension is automatically patched to the latest version of AppNavi. Thus, the latest functions and additional features conveniently flutter into the house without having to burden the IT with updates of the applications every time.

9. Maximum control of the application

Since the AppNavi Extension sits on top of the applications like a layer due to the browser integration, all applications can be equipped with Digital Adoption. But what if you don’t want that? No problem, just select the applications in the backend that should be supported or measured. For all others, AppNavi remains disabled. This is much easier and faster than equipping the applications individually via code.

10. All the benefits and even more

The Chrome Extension gives you all the benefits of the Digital Adoption solution offered by AppNavi and soon some more. What that will be, we will announce soon – be curious!

You want to convince yourself of the advantages of AppNavi and also the use of the Chrome Extension? Then contact us or test AppNavi 30 days for free – of course also as a browser extension.


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