The secret ingredient
of successful digitization

The secret ingredient
of successful digitization

Make your organization a digital champion

Make your organization a digital champion

Help your organization
Conquer the last mile in digitization

Permanent updates of your software

New modules, features & options


Permanent fluctuation of your users

Employees, applicants, customers & leads

You are about to roll out a new software or have just implemented a new technology?

Conquer the last mile

Make your users happy

Eliminate SW training

Conquer the last mile

Make your users happy

Eliminate SW training

The easiest to use
Digital Adoption Solution

AppNavi introduces your users to new systems while they work in them. At any given moment, it provides exactly the information needed to easily perform the next step.

Specialists in the areas of Workplace, Digital Adoption & Change Management rely on AppNavi.

and many more

Train, inform users.

Set up in 5 minutes

Our technology can be integrated into your systems in a minimally invasive way.

Super easy recording

Anyone can create routes. If you know the procedure in your software, you can start.

Open for external content

No matter if survey, chatbot or existing content. Use what is there and integrate it.

Extremely fast loading times

We won’t make your application faster, but we also won’t slow it down. Promised.

Conceived by experts, simplified for any business department

We come from Corporate IT. We know structures, problems & technologies. We know how software is created, purchased and rolled out. We use this internal view and align our platform accordingly.

Short at the front, long at the back

Our list of available customizations is short at the front and long at the back. We offer your admins a lot of customizing options. For your authors and users we keep it simple.

Digital Navigation

Train and accelerate your users. Define routes through your system and give your users the support they need & when they need it.

Segmented Information

Inform your users about relevant content or give them tips on how to use your software. Segment these nuggets so that everyone gets the information that is important to them.

Robotic Process Automation

People can think and decide. What they are not so good at? Memorizing things. Let your users do what they can. Our robot takes care of the clicking and typing.

Fuzzy Score Technology

Our Fuzzy Score technology identifies elements using mathematical heuristics. This is how we find the needle in the haystack – no matter where it hides.

360° View

Successful digital adoption involves business departments, data security, corporate communications and IT. Our platform provides the basis for this.

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