Ergonomic. Practical. Good.

Every user always receives the right help. Whether in the office or the home office.
Help on demand
New employees learn each new software easily and can immediately concentrate on the job
Simple onboarding
With an ergonomic UI according to WCAG, it can be used by everyone without restrictions.
Made for everyone
AppNavi does not require personal data. The users are 100% anonymous – at any time.
Users are anonymous

Help on demand

Immediate work simplification for everyone

More and more software in shorter and shorter cycles. And then also many updates and upgrades. Digitization offers numerous potentials. At the same time, it massively increases the workload on employees.

With AppNavi employees can be relieved significantly. With the learning center software can be learned before, during or even after a rollout. And because it takes place in a training system, it can be practiced to your heart’s content.

Routes and hotspots help directly in the live system. Without having to read user manuals or complete time-consuming training, AppNavi supports the user whenever he needs help.

Simple onboarding

So it goes fast: For beginners & the colleagues

Employees leave the company – new ones join them. Whether through structural changes or omnipresent fluctuation. Employees have to be trained quickly. This improves the onboarding experience and relieves existing employees.

AppNavi provides, among other things, collections for this purpose in which – depending on the role – different routes are bundled. When an employee enters the intranet, AppNavi welcomes him or her. In his status as a “new employee”, the most important processes are made available to him.

From a central location, the user can thus initiate all important processes – no matter in which system these processes take place. This directly increases efficiency and reduces the effort in onboarding.

Made for everyone

Barrier-free – in every respect

Software must be simple, intuitive and easy to use for every employee. Ideally without training. And especially important: This also applies to employees with visual impairments.

AppNavi enables every user to operate software efficiently. When designing AppNavi we made sure that it is easy to use and actually supports the user. This includes an easy handling by the end user as well as a simple creation of content.

We have also made sure that AppNavi does not create any barriers. The user interface was developed according to common standards such as WCAG.

Users are anonymous

The best protection: Do not collect data!

Within the framework of the data protection-friendly design of our technology, we have ensured that only absolutely necessary data is collected. And these are very few.

Our end users use AppNavi completely anonymous. Why? Because when using AppNavi the target system always authenticates itself – not the user. Therefore we do not need a login, store no data and can at no time draw conclusions about an employee.

The only exception to the rule: our authors are registered with first name, last name, pseudonym, e-mail address and password. This data is used for login and is the prerequisite for creating content securely.

The data from our analytics is also completely anonymous. We can say how often actions were triggered – but not by whom.

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