AppNavi is the easiest to use Digital Adoption Solution. We put a layer over your software and support employees and customers in any browser-based application while they work in it.

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| Digital Adoption by AppNavi in a nutshell

Pictures say more than a thousand words. Especially when it comes to moving images. But we don’t need that many words anyway to talk about the benefits of AppNavi and Digital Adoption in general, because it is so simple.

If you don’t like to talk or read about it, feel free to watch our short video about the simplicity of software usage. But only if you have implemented AppNavi.

| Use Case: Business Central

Alternatively, we have another video for you on how our CPO Benjamin Birk creates AppNavi routes in Business Central. In this particular case, how to create accounts receivable.

This video is also very short. Why? You don’t need longer than that to create a supporting route for employees and Benjamin explains a lot along the way.

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Everything packed. In our short and sweet package you will find everything you need to know about Digital Adoption by AppNavi. From the benefits, to the ease of implementation, to the modules and how to use them.
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Digital Adoption Whitepaper

Want to dive deeper into Digital Adoption? Download our whitepaper and learn why traditional trainings are outdated and how IT can rest easy when it comes to AppNavi implementation. With hands-on examples and use cases.

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