The next release is waiting in the wings and is expected to be rolled out on October 05, 2023. The new features already make Release 3.1.0 a historic event. Namely, we are taking our platform to a whole new level.

The new AppNavi Insights component is such an elementary enhancement that we are even leaving the fairway of Digital Adoption and moving towards Digital Transformation Success by AppNavi.

What this means in detail and which functions will be added to our solution with the upcoming update, you can find out now in our newsletter.

| AppNavi Insights

Due to the fact that the soon-to-be-launched combination of AppNavi Insights and AppNavi Guidance offers completely new possibilities and that may not fit in the pure market environment of digital adoption, we have decided to use “Digital Transformation Success by AppNavi” as our claim. We will also roll this out successively in our marketing materials and on the website once the update has launched in October.

What is AppNavi Insights exactly?

AppNavi Insights will become another elementary core of the AppNavi solution alongside AppNavi Guidance. In addition, we are restructuring existing components under the two “roofs” for easier understanding.

Components of AppNavi Insights as of October are:

AppNavi Discovery:
AppNavi Discovery makes it possible to create an overall picture of the application landscape of the entire company with just one click. This is done by creating anonymized usage statistics that can be used to identify underutilized or misused applications. All information collected contains NO personal data and is completely anonymous.

AppNavi Discovery will initially be released as a beta version.

User Behavior Mining 2.0:
A deeper analysis of individual applications. How users behave in these applications and which software parts are used. The new User Behavior Mining 2.0 offers a much larger feature set than the old version of User Behavior Mining. Changes include:

  • Automatic tracking of user interactions for tables, forms and navigation with just one click
  • Form analysis allows to identify forms where users fail frequently
  • Additional configuration of tracking using JSON
  • Three freely assignable fields can be used in user behavior mining to submit data to the API for export at a later time
  • The User Behaviour Mining event log can now be exported at any time via the interface in standard data formats (currently csv and json)

The old familiar Analytics measures all relevant guidance metrics and presents them visually in the AppNavi portal in a comprehensible way. This allows to quickly check if the guidance is developing in the right direction.

AppNavi Insights is included in all contract models except the Usage model. For existing contracts, please contact your AppNavi sales contact.

| More new features

The Net Promoter Score (NPS) survey allows you to measure user satisfaction with a specific application and collect feedback in a standardized format. In combination with AppNavi features such as audience addressing, an NPS survey can be displayed on a scheduled basis or only for a specific audience.

AppNavi Diagnostics
AppNavi Diagnostics help to quickly find and fix avatar compatibility issues. To do this, AppNavi performs a diagnostic mode check of the application and generates a list of necessary adjustments.

Single Sign On
AppNavi now supports a single sign on for author users. For this purpose, AppNavi can be connected to all systems that implement the OAuth 2.0 standard.

Global User ID
Global User ID is an AppNavi internal feature that allows you to make user behavior transparent across applications. The feature is completely anonymous and does not record any personal data. The feature only works in conjunction with the AppNavi Chrome Extension.

| Other improvements

Usability improvements

The usability of AppNavi has been significantly improved in several sub-areas:

  • In the avatar, we removed the right-click. The user can now easily access the appropriate functions via a context menu
  • We have simplified the management and configuration of applications in the portal by restructuring the various configuration and analysis options
  • We removed the little-used description field for routes and posts

AppNavi Guide

The AppNavi avatar is now called Guide and integrates better with user interfaces of all kinds.

Data Protection 2.0

With the new version, the Data Cleansing Engine has been reworked. Name detection and cleansing has been significantly improved to reduce the number of false positives.  There is also an evaluation of how often each classifier was used.

We at AppNavi hope you enjoyed this issue of our newsletter and were able to take away valuable information.

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