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For product owners and specialist departments

With its success and money-back guarantee if targets are not achieved, Instant Strategy Enforcement is unique.

Loved by: Entrepreneurs, managing directors, CIOs, CDOs, CHROs and strategy departments.

Strategy alignment is not a Lottery

Is the usage of your apss “so-so”? Do you urgently need to improve the alignment between users and strategy? But how?

The markets are more volatile than ever before. Companies have to adapt to this and adjust their portfolios and the necessary organizational and IT structures. It is not uncommon for entire hierarchies to be removed, agile structures and masses of applications to be introduced to facilitate this change process. However, the mere provision of apps is not enough to make these massive changes successful. The desired goals can only be achieved if users use the software correctly. It often fails simply to “use” – let alone “use correctly”.

Many approaches therefore only work in theory, but are not feasible in practice. But what could help?

everyone promises you the moon...

…but very few take on your risk if you pay for their (non-)performance. That’s not really fair.

All providers have top references and ratings...

…but every project is different and ratings could be pre-selected and embellished. You don’t know if you can trust them.

The best results require a lot of time ...

…but you are already working at full capacity in your everyday life and can’t afford to invest a lot of extra time.

With Instant Strategy Enforcement, you only pay for real successes

1. We take a look at your software. You tell us how your users should best behave. We listen and learn.

2. We check whether we can help you with your project.

3. If so, we translate your goals into measurable KPIs

Our promise After 6 weeks, your users will behave the way you want them to.

If not? Then you’ll get your money back. Without “ifs and buts”.

A partner implements the project for you immediately. You pay us in advance for the license and the implementation by the partner. If we have not achieved the goals after 6 weeks, you will receive your money for the licenses and we will contribute to the costs of the project.

Your users do what they are supposed to

With Instant Strategy Enforcement, users behave in line with your company’s strategy: Employees should devote 50% of their working time to sales activities? Employees should work in a much more agile and less hierarchical way and use more agile collaboration tools instead? No problem! Fully integrated into their work process, users receive in-app support to help them work in a strategy-oriented manner and gradually internalize new ways of working. Behavior can be measured anonymously and the assistance can be adapted promptly to align actions ever more closely with the strategy. In short: instant strategy enforcement.
Your users do what they are supposed to

Greater acceptance - less hassle

The app is rolled out – everything done? Not really. Applications are often not used as intended – instead, workaround solutions grow. The IT costs are questioned by the paying departments because the costs do not match the “perceived benefits”. Instant Strategy Enforcement helps from day 1 to align users with the behavior pattern defined by the strategy. Completely anonymized, of course.
Greater acceptance - less hassle

Embedded best practices

Best practices usually make sense – but integrating them into the actual actions of many is usually not easy. Best practice sources are often called “Klaus” or “Petra” – but what if they are not available? With Instant Strategy Enforcement, the provision of best practices happens imperceptibly for user groups that benefit most from them. For example, the sales team in France learns from the experience of the sales team in the UK. By means of segmentation, precisely those users who need them receive tips. Completely anonymized!
Embedded best practices

Performance-related remuneration

You only pay us for real success. No retainers, no hidden costs. You will only be charged if you are able to optimize your app usage with our service. Otherwise you get your money back.
Performance-related remuneration

Fewer errors - greater efficiency

Errors are not only annoying, they are also expensive. It is often assumed that the initial error costs in error processing are a factor of 10. So what could be more obvious than avoiding errors? Instant Strategy Enforcement provides assistance at points that are often the cause of errors. This significantly reduces the error rate and massively increases the efficiency of app use.
Fewer errors - greater efficiency

What satisfied users say about Instant Strategy Enforcement

“At first, we were fascinated by the idea: Being able to align employees directly with the strategy. When we experienced it in action, we were impressed by the actual and continuous impact.”Anonymous

“Our company is facing enormous changes: Development cycles must be reduced from 7 to 3 years. This entails significant changes for all employees. Using Instant Strategy Enforcement, we were able to take the first steps very quickly, which we are now continuously adapting.”H. Johann

“When operationalizing a corporate strategy, tools are not usually the first thing that comes to mind. However, the connection between process behavior and apps is evident. With ISE, we can not only support behavior – but also measure success at any time.”I. Wellinger

“We were looking for a DAP platform. When we saw this offering, we knew we were falling short with just DAP. Now we have a solution that covers DAP requirements – and, more importantly, helps us to continuously familiarize employees with our strategy. “M. Knauff

Our satisfied customers

What is better than a promise?

How do our guarantees work?

We both benefit from our guarantees. By assuring you of real results, we take responsibility for the project. This forces us to set the right course on many levels. First of all, we examine your topic very carefully. Only if we are 100% sure that we can provide you with real added value will we start with you – only then does the next step make sense. If so, the guarantee forces us to implement a very efficient project process in order to stay on schedule. So we both benefit: you have no risk and we have cleanly checked and professionally implemented projects in advance without exception.

Not satisfied with our work? Then we’ll refund your money. Down to the last cent.

Compare Instant Strategy Enforcement with other offers

What makes Instant Strategy Enforcement different from the rest of the industry?

  • Ensure the actual implementation of your corporate strategy
  • Increase usage efficiency and acceptance of the apps
  • Automate your continuous and sustainable strategy alignment process
AppNavi Other DAPs
Instant Strategy Alignment Yes No
Anonymized measurement of behavior Yes No
Behavior-based display of assistance Yes No
Identification of KPIs Yes No
Evaluation of behavior along a business capability matrix Yes No

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Your advantages at a glance

You save time

A lot of communication is necessary if you want to align your users’ behavior with the strategy and change their day-to-day work behavior. But that’s not all. Your users also need to remember what you’ve said – at the very moment they make mistakes or get stuck. With Instant Strategy Enforcement, you don’t have to constantly explain or check – you can rely on strategy-compliant action.

You save effort

The introduction of the strategy-based guidance only takes a few days. The positive effects for you and your users are immediate. By measuring behavior, you immediately recognize the correlation between measures and effect. Based on this, you can quickly make corrections and immediately recognize the effect.

You get results faster

It starts immediately. Professionals take over for you (we work with top-ranked partners at Gartner et al.). You will see the first results after just 2 weeks.

You have no risk

If we do not achieve the goals within the agreed period, you will get your money back for the license within 14 days. And that’s not all: we also actively contribute to the project costs.

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