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The most effective way to
eliminate IT risks.
For IT and ISOs

With its success and money-back guarantee if targets are not achieved, Threat Discovery is unique.

Loved by: Entrepreneurs, managing directors, CIOs, CISOs and ISOs – and auditors.

Risk avoidance is not rocket science

You urgently need to close security gaps. But how?

IT risks are increasing exponentially. By using SaaS software, companies are not only fuelling digitalization – they are also creating new “dangers” at an ever faster pace. Software is purchased by credit card bypassing the process or data protection-relevant data is imported into SaaS platforms for translation or analysis. You are often unable to recognize these dangers, let alone ward them off.

Many approaches therefore only work in theory, but are not feasible in practice. But what could help?

everyone promises you the moon...

…but very few take on your risk if you pay for their (non-)performance. That’s not really fair.

All providers have top references and ratings...

…but every project is different and ratings could be pre-selected and embellished. You don’t know if you can trust them.

The best results require a lot of time ...

…but you are already working at full capacity in your everyday life and can’t afford to invest a lot of extra time.

With Threat Discovery, you only pay for
real successes

1. We do a SaaS Discovery and look at the actual usage of your web-based application landscape

2. We guarantee that we will identify at least 3 applications in which your users behave critically

3. We actively intervene in the behavior of your users and mitigate it

Our promise With us you will have brought the behavior of your users from a critical to an acceptable level in at least 3 applications after 6 weeks.

If not? Then you’ll get your money back. Without “ifs and buts”.

A partner implements the project for you immediately. You pay us in advance for the license and the implementation by the partner. If we have not achieved the goals after 6 weeks, you will receive your money for the licenses and we will contribute to the costs of the project.

You get a complete overview

Threat Discovery gives you a complete overview of the frequency and intensity of use of web-based applications – whether company or shadow apps.
You can immediately see which apps are being used and which are not (filter option by country, language and organizational unit). Business apps are automatically recognized and clustered according to company and shadow apps.
You receive a list of at least 3 shadow apps in which users exhibit critical behavior
You reduce risks from unauthorized use of applications (data breaches, reputational damage, support for ISO 27001 certification, etc.)
You improve compliance in the use of your systems
You get a complete overview

You reduce risks immediately

You can counter identified risks immediately – by shutting them down and/or launching information campaigns directly in your users’ UI. Threat Discovery also provides you with a powerful tool to reduce the effort required for audits and certifications and increase the chances of success. With Threat Discovery, you have a powerful tool to strengthen your information security – and to be well prepared for upcoming certifications.
You reduce risks immediately

Minimum time investment & maximum results

Our processes are optimized so that we can achieve maximum results with minimum time investment. We need you for 2 hours to get started. We take care of everything else.
Minimum time investment & maximum results

Performance-related remuneration

You only pay us for real success. No retainers, no hidden costs. Costs are only incurred if you can actually reduce your IT spend with our service. Otherwise you get your money back.
Performance-related remuneration

What satisfied users say about Threat Discovery

“We had already taken many measures to increase our information security. Now we have made a “blind spot” manageable.” – K. Müller

“The effort for our IT and the result are in an excellent relationship. Minimally invasive – with amazing results.” – A. Muschenich

“We now have transparency in areas that were previously the “Wild West”. And with minimal effort.” – P. Lennert

“Threat Discovery integrates perfectly into our existing threat defense landscape. “ – H. Breitvogel

Our satisfied customers

What is better than a promise?

How do our guarantees work?

We both benefit from our guarantees. By assuring you of real results, we take responsibility for the project. This forces us to set the right course on many levels. First of all, we examine your topic very carefully. Only if we are 100% sure that we can provide you with real added value will we start with you – only then does the next step make sense. If so, the guarantee forces us to implement a very efficient project process in order to stay on schedule. So we both benefit: you have no risk and we have cleanly checked and professionally implemented projects in advance without exception.

Not satisfied with our work? Then we’ll refund your money. Down to the last cent.

These partners trust us

Your advantages at a glance

Get a complete overview

• We provide you with a view of the use of your application landscape that is unique on the market.
• You recognize which shadow apps are in use and you receive (in addition to quantitative data) qualitative data on the use of the apps.
• You recognize what users do in the apps – an indispensable basis for your decisions.
• We simply determine everything, regardless of the network, whether SSO or not, etc.

You save effort

• You avoid time-consuming interviews or surveys – which cost you and the respondents a lot of time.
• You don’t have to do anything – no integrations, setting up interfaces, tapping into databases, etc.
• What’s more, you don’t get snapshots, but a continuous and objective view.
• All data is immediately available in an easy-to-understand report.

You get results faster

• It starts immediately.
• Professionals take over for you (we work with top-ranked partners at Gartner et al.).
• After just 4 weeks you will automatically have a complete report

You have no risk

• If we don’t achieve the goals within 6 weeks, you get your money back for the license within 14 days
• We contribute to the project costs

Your free
is waiting for you

In an independent consultation, we will discuss your personal benefits and talk about the next steps.

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