Save Money for DAP by AppNavi

The most effective way to
reduce DAP costs by at least 50%.
For customers of digital adoption platforms

With its success and money-back guarantee if goals are not achieved, Save Money for DAP is unique.

Loved by: CHROs, CIOs, Academies

Migrate to a cheaper provider without stress

You’re paying too much for DAP. You should switch!
But how?

If you want to reduce your DAP costs, you have two levers. You can either save on licenses or on maintenance.

But which provider should you go to?

everyone promises you the moon...

…but very few take on your risk if you pay for their (non-)performance. That’s not really fair.

All providers have top references and ratings...

…but every project is different and ratings could be pre-selected and embellished. You don’t know if you can trust them.

The best results require a lot of time ...

…but you are already working at full capacity in your everyday life and can’t afford to invest a lot of extra time.

With Save Money for DAP, you only pay for
real successes

1. We take a look at your previous DAP projects. You tell us which topics you would like to switch to us and save money with.

2. We use an NPS survey as a benchmark for the quality of your previous DAPs.

3. A partner immediately migrates the project to AppNavi for you within 2 weeks.

Our promise After 6 weeks, we measure the NPS of your users with AppNavi. The NPS will be at least as good as before.

If not? Then you’ll get your money back. Without “ifs and buts”.

A partner implements the project for you immediately. You pay us in advance for the license and the implementation by the partner. If we have not achieved the goals after 6 weeks, you will receive your money for the licenses and we will contribute to the costs of the project.

At least -50% on your costs for DAP

This means that we will reduce your current price by half. If our standard price list is even cheaper, you will receive this price and can reduce your costs even further.
At least -50% on your costs for DAP

High-end technology at the best price

AppNavi is characterized by the fact that it is extremely easy to use. This means that you can delegate the creation of content to your specialist departments and do not need an expensive team of DAP experts. In addition, AppNavi has extremely robust and variable technology, so you don’t have to worry about special cases (dynamic attributes, iframes, shadow roots, etc.) – normal employees from the specialist department can also actively collaborate here. Expensive customizations are no longer necessary.
Last but not least, AppNavi has an extremely efficient architecture and can therefore offer its software at the best conditions on the market – so you also save on license costs.
High-end technology at the best price

What satisfied users say about Save Money for DAP

“I thought we would never be able to switch from our DAP provider again as we had already created so much content. But it was really easy.”L. Suther

“The project was implemented in no time at all. It took me longer to apply for a user internally for my colleagues than the project took. Really impressive.”S. Melinek

“Great work, thank you and keep up the good work!”M. Petz

“I didn’t quite trust the roast and tested a project first. It was really impressive how quickly they implemented it. We will now also migrate the rest.”Anonym

Our satisfied customers

What is better than a promise?

How do our guarantees work?

We both benefit from our guarantees. By assuring you of real results, we take responsibility for the project. This forces us to set the right course on many levels. First of all, we examine your topic very carefully. Only if we are 100% sure that we can provide you with real added value will we start with you – only then does the next step make sense. If so, the guarantee forces us to implement a very efficient project process in order to stay on schedule. So we both benefit: you have no risk and we have cleanly checked and professionally implemented projects in advance without exception.

Not satisfied with our work? Then we’ll refund your money. Down to the last cent.

Compare AppNavi with other DAPs

What sets AppNavi apart from the rest of the industry?

  • Extremely easy to use
  • Works in all situations (from simple to complex)
  • Works in all systems (from simple to complex)
AppNavi Other DAPs
Field of application Works in all browser-based apps Partial restrictions for iframes, shadow roots, dynamic attributes etc.
Reliability Best element recognition thanks to AI-based algorithm Partially faulty element recognition in CSS-based systems
Simplicity Simple content creation (training: 1h) Partly extensive training for authors
Relief for IT Maximal durch Citizen-Developer-Ansatz High level of involvement due to higher IT skill requirements
Range of functions Typical Guidance range of functions. Other unique modules: Discovery and Insights Typical Guidance range of functions.
Risk-free entry Yes No
Cost-optimized scaling Simple, attractive license model independent of the selected modules Often complex license models

These partners trust us

Your advantages at a glance

You reduce the costs

• With Save Money for DAP you reduce your current DAP costs by at least 50%.
• If our attractive standard price model is even cheaper, you will benefit even more.

You save effort

• The migration happens all by itself through a partner.
• You simply define the scope.
• From then on, the partner takes over and presents you with the finished result after two weeks.

You save time

• You save time because you don’t have to spend ages searching the internet for a different or the “right” DAP
• You don’t have to get in touch with dozens of providers and fight your way through their products and pricing logic
• You don’t have to make countless appointments (getting to know each other, follow-up, etc.)

You have no risk

• If we do not achieve the agreed targets, we not only reimburse the full license costs, but also actively contribute to the project costs.

Your free
is waiting for you

In an independent consultation, we will discuss your personal benefits and talk about the next steps.

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